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  • A simple GST compliant Accounting software
  • No need of accounting knowledge
  • Enter your purchases, sales, receipts and payments with ease.
  • It also takes care of advances
  • Manage customer’s and vendor’s ledger
  • Custom made for small businesses
  • All information required for GST returns generated in excel formats
  • It can support chartered accountants and tax consultants for timely filing of GST returns.

Jamku GST

Easy to use Desktop based GST Software


Simple to use GST Software, really amazed at the speed of loading and data entry!

Manas, Accountant


One Click Importing in Tally is the best feature I like. Keep up the development.

Navin Rathi, Tax Consultant


Just 3 Word, Best GST Software

Arun Joshi, CA

Update: 9th October 2017

Jamku GST is no longer in Development.

The software was created predominantly for small and mid-size CA firms having clients for which they provide Accounting Services, as it was impossible to do accounting for all the clients in just 10 days and file GSTR1. GST Council on 8th October decided that for Dealers having Turnover of less than 1.5 Crore returns will need to file quarterly. This makes GST compliance similar to the VAT. CA firms and even businessmen were accustomed to quarterly return filling. Thus there is no future or need of a software like Jamku GST.

Thanks for your interest. Regards Madrecha Solutions.


Invoice & Bill

Purchase and Sale Invoice in GST Format

Reciepts & Payment

Keep track of Advance Recevied and Advance Paid

Customer and Vendor

Auto updation of ledgers for ease in collection and payment

Jamku GST is free till 31st March 2018

No need for installation, just download and start using it.

Need help? Rs 1500 – Training and Installation. Rs 2000 – Yearly Support.


How does Jamku GST helps in GST Compliance?

For Businessmen

  • Timely Purchase Invoice entering
  • Create GST Compliant Sales Invoice
  • Manage Debtors and Creditors
For Chartered Accountant
  • Timely reports of Sales and Purchase
  • Export data to Excel – Data generation for GST return
  • Export data to Tally – Save Time and Effort

What is Jamku GST

  • An enabler for Return Filling
  • Accounting of Purchase, Sales, Receipts, Payment
  • Can help in managing reciepvables and payables

What it’s not

  • GST Return Filling software
  • Substitute for accounting software
  • CRM Software to manage Customer / Vendor



Export GST Invoice to Tally.

Jamku GST will generate XML files for Purchase Invoice, Sales Invoice, Debit note, Credit Note, Receipt, Payment. Which can be imported in Tally.

Does it takes care of Duplicate Importing? Yes, in case you re-import invoices, the existing Invoices will get edited with new data. Thus eliminating duplicate imports.

So easy that even Grand Father can use it

Simplicity is at the core of Jamku GST. Hence we ditched Menus.  All navigation is through Buttons. It has a familiar browser based tab interface which makes it very easy to use. It has been optimized for Touch Screens.

Export GST Data to Clear tax

You asked. We delivered.

Jamku GST exports data in excel file as per Clear Tax data import template. Not just sales, but also Purchase data can be imported into Clear Tax for return filling.

How Jamku GST helps in GST Return Filling

If you are a Chartered Accountant (CA) or a Tax Practitioner, please read ahead to understand the practical difficulties in filing GST returns and solution for the same.

The Issue

In VAT era: The client used to maintain all physical invoices and bills. At the month or quarter end, he used to bring all the bills and CA firms used to account for the same in Tally. Then based on this accounting in Tally, VAT returns were filed.

In GST era: Accounting and GST return filing has to be completed in 10 days. Is it practical for a CA firm with say 50 clients having a staff strength of 10 to carry out this tedious exercise on time? What makes this problem more consequential is the fact that earlier tax was payable only in case of issue of an invoice. While in GST era, we also need to keep track of Advances, Tax under reverse charge.

The Solution

The call of the hour is to distribute a free and easy to use software to clients who don’t have any accounting software. A client will enter Invoices (Purchases & Sales) and Receipts & Payments in the software. Thereafter, the client will send this data to his CA / Tax Practitioner. Once this data is received, it can then be imported in Tally. Software will also generate data in Excel files which can be used to import into GSTN Offline Return Filing Utility or other return filing Software.

About Jamku GST

It is not an ordinary return filing software. It is a tool that aids in gathering data from clients. JAmku GST is Windows based software comes handy for small businessmen who don’t have any accounting software to create GST Compliant Invoices. It helps them manage Receivables and Payables. This GST Software will ensure timely accounting and accurate return filing.

What makes Jamku GST more appealing is that it is designed by a team of Chartered Accountants rather than Engineers. We take pride in touching upon this fact as these CA’s have hands on experience of dealing with problems usually faced by clients as well as practical difficulties in return filing faced by professionals like you. It is developed by Madrecha Solutions Pvt Ltd & TecEx handles the sales and support aspect.

Jamku GST has been in development for almost a month now. The development was started after considering the practical aspects post implementation of revolutionary tax reform. To begin with, it has been implemented on a pilot basis at 6 CA firms and tested on total 30 clients at these CA Firms. You can contact +91 9819898180 (Arjun Purohit from TecEx) for support OR +91 9987106585 (Priya Madrecha from Madrecha Solutions) for enquiry.

The process of Return Filing
  1. Distribute Jamku GST to all your clients. (The software is free)
  2. The client enters all the data in Jamku GST on a daily basis (or any convenient time)
  3. At the month end, the client will send software to CA Firm. (Since data and software itself in a single file, it’s just – zip the file and send in email)
  4. Export data into XML File and import into Tally (This will complete accounting for Purchases, Sales, Receipts, Payment)
  5. Export data to Excel and import it into GSTN Offline Utility or any other software you prefer to file the return.

Designed & Develped by

Sales and Support By


History of Jamku GST Development

The concept of Jamku GST started back in June 2017, when we all started having clarity on GST Return filling process, due dates, periodicity. The question, which I had in Mind was – How do we gather data? I was sure that we will have amazing software for Return Filling. But what about getting data from clients?

It is not lucrative for a big Software company to develop a product for a market of less than 50,000. So I started looking for small software companies who can create a GST Software which acts as an enabler for return filing. I was looking for the following features

  1. Cost Effective – Traditional Practicing CA and their small clients cannot afford a costly software in the upward range of 10000.
  2. Easy to Use – Simplicity is very essential. Small businessmen will not learn a complicated software.
  3. Data transportation – The data generated by software should be self-contained. Just zip and send data to Tax Practitioners / CA.
  4. Help in Accounting – It is not feasible to complete accounting (of-course in Tally) and file GST return in such a short period of time.
  5. Understands needs of a CA – The needs of traditional practising CA firms are very peculiar. They cannot use software, which is created for big 4.

My efforts to find a software which met these criteria went in Vain. Finally in June 2017, I decided, Let me myself create such a software.

 – CA Adarsh Madrecha